Web Design Services

We offer a range of web design services from front-end design, bespoke development solutions, SEO and website media including Flash animation, video & audio streaming as well as graphic design. Our core web services include:

Front-end Website Concept Design

At NOJO Media we feel that for websites to become truly successful they need to have a number of factors in place in order to engage potential visitors to interact and explore the site before ultimately converting them into a sale or sales enquiry via a contact form or phone-call. These factors include elements such as a modern eye-catching web design, a user friendly ergonomic layout which is both easy to use and memorable, clear 'calls to action' or graphics high-lighting the companies unique selling points and also making the process of allowing customers to place orders or make enquiries as straight forward and stress free as possible.

All the web design concepts we produce start their life as pencil sketches on paper, which helps us work out wire-frame layouts which will both inspire and engage with web users. Producing wire-frame diagrams is a quick and sensible way of creating multiple ideas for a new concept design without wasting valuable graphic design time in Adobe Photoshop. Once we have 2 or 3 sketched web layouts we transform them into professional high quality visuals ready for consideration by our clients.

Web design layout is an important factor in determining how successful websites are, so making sure that various elements of the design as well as website functionality is positioned in the best place to aid visitor usability is essential. Getting the layout right at the stage will save time and money by not having to re-design and re-develop later.

Areas of a web design we feel are most important are as follows:

  • Placement of company logo
  • Website search function
  • Website menu navigation
  • Main banner / header image or carousel
  • Calls to action
  • Contact details / social media links
  • Product placement

Making sure the key areas are well placed and the overall website concept design is balanced whilst being themed around the client's logo / company branding is essential for the site to becoming successful in the competitive website market place.

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Brochure Websites

We produce professional looking brochure websites which are both affordable and stylish to look and use. Brochure websites are tailored to small to medium sized companies who have a small number of products or services which they want to promote on-line. Typically these types of website contain around 4 - 5 pages consisting of the following sitemap menu structure:

  1. Homepage
  2. About Us/Company Profile
  3. Main Products/Services
  4. Photo Gallery/Portfolio
  5. Contact Form

Most brochure web designs in use nowadays are of poor design and build standards as they have been created by un-professional web designers some years ago or have been offered to small companies as a freebie from large telecommunications or hosting companies. NOJO Media believe in improving the web experience for those that use it and offer affordable redesigns of existing websites and as well as brand new web design services.

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Content Updatable Websites

Brochure websites are ideal for small businesses with only a handful of staff who have not got to time or don't need to update their website content regularly. In addition to producing great looking usable websites for our clients we also update these sites on request unlike some web companies who do not offer this service as we feel our customers may want to update contact details or add new services and product lines regularly. If however you need partial or full control of your website's content text and images we do offer a range of options focussed on content updatable websites.

Being able to update your own website as often as you want and when it suits you can be a great tool which puts you ahead of your competition. If you want to add a temporary promotion or advertise the fact that you will be attending a local exhibition to your homepage, you have the freedom to do so. With our content management systems you can easily update elements such as products or service pages, photo gallery images or even add, edit and delete menu item pages is necessary.

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E-Commerce Websites

For those businesses who wish to sell product via a website we offer a range of web shop solutions which enable you to take your business on-line. The ecommerce websites we produce are technically advanced than our brochure website as they require database access as well payment gateways such PayPal and Google Checkout to be integrated and as such are priced accordingly.

Being able to sell your products and services on-line can be a great benefit for your business to stay one step ahead of your competition and has the potential to dramatically increase revenue. However running an e-commerce website can be a lot of work dealing with on-line orders, despatch and returns and you may need to consider hiring additional staff to run such systems.

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Web Design Enquiries

If you are looking for a Worcester web design company to design and build your website then call us today or use our contact form.